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Cooling Down Chicago: How Green and Cool Roofs Could Impact Urban Climate

More than half of the world’s population live in cities, and the United Nations projects that this share will rise to 70 percent by 2050. During the daytime, these expanding urban areas absorb more solar energy than the surrounding countryside. At night, they radiate the heat back to the atmosphere. Higher temperatures in cities compared to …

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1st Annual Battery Innovation Center Energy Storage Short Course

The Battery Innovation Center’s (BIC) mission focuses on advancing the industry’s understanding and development of energy storage technologies.  To that end, BIC is proud to announce a 3-day, hands-on course as an in-depth guide to batteries and how they affect our nation and our businesses.  The dates of training will be on July 26-28, 2016. …

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German Industrial Group, Siemens, Plans to Invest $1.1 billion

German industrial group Siemens plans to invest $1.1 billion over the next five years in a new startup unit to help it develop businesses in areas such as artificial intelligence and decentralized electrification. unit to help it develop businesses in areas such as artificial intelligence and decentralized electrification. Founded in 1847, Siemens was one of the top …

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$10 Million Solar Farm Underway in Kokomo

Plans are moving ahead for construction of a 26-acre solar farm at the site of a former scrap steel plant in Kokomo. The city’s Plan Commission has approved the proposal from South Bend-based Inovateus Solar for the estimated $10 million project with 21,000 solar panels. Duke Energy has reached a 20-year agreement with Inovateus to buy …

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New NASA Plane Could Eliminate Gas-Guzzling Airliners

At NASA, an experiment is underway that could revolutionize the aviation industry. A fully electric plane. NASA is looking to the skies, unveiling the X-57 also known as the “Maxwell”. Maxwell, a single-seater plane that bears a striking resemblance to a Cessna, uses electric propulsion rather than burning fuel. The project is part of NASA’s …

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BMW Getting Into Home Energy Storage with Used i3 Batteries

BMW is making a major push into the stationary energy storage market. The German automaker announced that it is turning new and used i3 batteries into energy storage solutions for homes and small businesses. The company unveiled its plans at an electric vehicle symposium in Montreal. “With a battery storage system electrified by BMW, our …

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