Smart Flower seeks to transform solar living in the US, and it even comes in 8 colors.

SmartflowerWorldwide growth of Solar PV has been fitting an exponential curve for more than two decades. Founder and managing partner Alexander Swatek has taken solar PV to new heights with the SmartFlower design. Spanning out to 194 ft², this flower has the capability of producing the equivalent of a 4 kW rooftop system.

The “Smart Flower” first launched in Europe about 2.5 years ago and is just now makings it way into the U.S. market. Since launch, the company has sold over 1,000 units in 20 different countries across Europe since launch.

The SmartFlower wakes up at sunrise, fans out to 194 ft² and automatically cleans itself in preparation for capturing the sun’s rays. SmartFlower then turns to face the sun at a 90°angle and follows the sun throughout the day using dual-axis tracking to maximize solar energy yield.

With a price tag of US $16,900, the product’s price point is right in line with a typical 4-kW system in most parts of the U.S. Plus, it comes in eight color choices and takes just a few hours to install.

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