Who We Are

There is no shortage of concerns on the global energy economy today. The need for renewable energy, technological innovation, energy security, a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, and others has never been more urgent. Energy Systems Network’s (ESN) mission is to take a collaborative approach to addressing these needs through its network of partners – Fortune 500 companies, leading research institutions, government agencies, and academia. And given that $268 billion was invested around the world in 2012 in clean energy, the opportunity for technological innovation is significant.

ESN Sustainable Pin wheelESN is building an ‘energy ecosystem,’ in which all aspects of the energy landscape are included – energy generation and transmission, built environment, transportation applications, and the electrical grid itself. All are interconnected, one overlapping with the others. ESN provides a variety of services geared toward advancing energy technology development. We achieve this work through collaborative commercialization projects; business consulting services; and strategic workshops, planning and research.

Our leadership in the energy technology sector has led to a number of advancements – and national recognition- in the sector – in Indiana, the U.S. and beyond. To date, ESN has launched four commercialization projects focused on dramatically reducing emissions and fuel consumption of heavy trucks (Hoosier Heavy Hybrid Partnership); allowing for an all-electric commute powered by a smart utility grid (Project Plug-IN); supplying our military bases with reliable homegrown energy (MicroGreen); and creating a single point of access for battery research, development, testing and commercialization (Battery Innovation Center).

But we’re not finished yet. ESN is ever moving forward with the adoption of new commercialization and technology opportunities. We are currently in the process of vetting and researching four new project concepts with our Board of Directors, Technical Advisory Council, and current and new partner organizations – so join us in making a lasting impact on the industry through our collaborative partnerships.

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