Meet Our AmeriCorps VISTA Project Coordinators — We’re Hiring!

Energy Systems Network is currently seeking applications for a position as one of our Moving Forward Project Coordinators! Our current AmeriCorps VISTA (Volunteers in Service to America) members give some insight into their year of service working with ESN and its partners on the Moving Forward program, which is designed to develop energy efficient, affordable housing in the State of Indiana. Read their experiences below and apply today to join them!

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Caroline Kryder-Reid, Moving Forward Project Coordinator

ESN AmeriCorps VISTA - CarolineHistorically, ESN’s two VISTAs have worked in close partnership to support the Moving Forward Program. I’ve enjoyed working in a collaborative environment that allows my fellow VISTA and I to bring different skills and perspectives to the challenges with which we are faced.

The Moving Forward Program Coordinator position is uniquely varied in terms of daily responsibilities. We work with teams at different stages of site development and therefore gain a diversity of experiences including research, fundraising, and community outreach. We have represented ESN at site visits and ground-breaking ceremonies, and in outreach to community organizations throughout the state.

The position allows us to gain insight on the process of public-private partnership development while also learning about program management. – Caroline, AmeriCorps VISTA

Due to the position’s flexibility, we have the chance to develop creative solutions to program challenges. For example, we recognized the need for collaboration between project teams and created an interactive web map depicting the Moving Forward sites and resources in each community. This map will be used by the developer teams to identify opportunities for collaboration through regional partnerships and economies of scale.

Aidan Geissler, Moving Forward Project Coordinator

ESN AmeriCorps VISTA - Aidan

One of the most rewarding aspects of serving as a Moving Forward Program Coordinator is being involved in the program’s innovative process. Each project adopts a systems approach to affordable housing that incorporates energy efficiency, mobility solutions, and supportive services, and I appreciate the interdisciplinary nature of this service. It feels important, engaging, and meaningful to collaborate with so many entities from diverse sectors to break the cycle of generational poverty in Indiana.

 Moving Forward sparks innovation and collaboration in communities. The program relies on participation and support from community members, local nonprofit organizations, government agencies (local, regional, state, and national), and service providers including healthcare organizations, utilities, and local businesses. It is refreshing and inspiring to see these sectors come together to work towards the common goal of improving the lives of Hoosiers.

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