Tesla Model S will get Performance-Boosting Battery


Tesla has dropped hints that it’s ready to extend the range of its electric cars (there was an allusion to a “P100D” hidden in firmware), but it now looks like that long-distance technology is getting closer to fruition. Dutch regulators have Tesla_model_S_longrange

Dutch regulators have approved the100D and P100D versions of both the Model S and Model X, hinting that a 100kWh power pack might soon hit the streets. If the listings are accurate, the Model S would get a whopping 380 miles on a charge — no mean feat when the 90D can ‘only’ manage 294 miles. The Model X would likely have a shorter range given that the existing SUV officially tops out at 257 miles, but it’s reasonable to say that you’d get over 300 miles on a charge.

Tesla builds anticipation with no official confirmation on when you’d likely see 100D variants on the street, let alone the cost. Whatever price tag they decide to put on their new fleet of EVs, Telsa will be even closer to its goal of becoming the first to drive cross-country. If the past is any indication, the higher battery capacity will come with a nice performance boost that will put some higher-end supercars to shame.


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