Self-Driving Fleet to Deploy by 2022

Delphi announced today that it will be launching a fleet of self-driving cars to the Singapore Land Transport Authority along with the software for a mobility-on-demand program. This project will be part of Singapore’s initiative to advance autonomous vehicle research, which first started in 2014.


Delphi will use three fixed routes for six self-driving Audi SQ5s, covering a total of about 5 miles. Delphi is constantly running different scenarios to make its technology smarter. But until those test runs are complete, which will take years, a real live human will present for the first few years testing. Once testing ha been successfully completed, Delphi plans to eliminate both the driver and steering wheel.

This will not be Delphi’s first test run of their self-driving technology. In Silicon Valley, Delphi has an autonomous fleet of Audi’s that have successfully demonstrated a coast-to-coast drive of the U.S. last year. Although Delphi’s drive system is getting closer, the race for an autonomous vehicle will continue, one feature at a time.