BlueIndy Parent Company Wins Bid for EV Car-Sharing Project in Singapore

French-based company Bolloré Group has won the bid for an electric car sharing project in Singapore.

blueindyIt’s the first such project in Asia for the company.

According to Singapore officials, by the year 2020, the car sharing fleet will consist of 1,000 vehicles.

The government spent a year studying 13 different proposals before picking Bolloré. Singapore’s Land Transport Authority and Economic Development Board worked jointly on the effort, according to Singapore Transport Minister Khaw Boon Wan.

The first 125 vehicles will reach roads in the city-state next year, and Bolloré subsidiary BlueSG will install 2,000 electric-vehicle charging stations throughout Singapore by the end of this decade.

In Paris, Bolloré operates the its electric car sharing program, Autolib, and as of last fall the system was averaging 15,000 rides a day.

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