Evercar, formerly Vision Fleet, is Expanding Drastically

evercar-mark-with-wordFeatured in the April/May 2016 issue of Charged Magazine, Michael Brylawski, CEO and founder of Evercar, talks about his company and how he plans to expand in the future. Brylawski is an MIT graduate who founded Vision Fleet about three years ago and later changed the name to Evercar to better align with their vision. Working toward clean energy for almost two decades, Brylawski has worked as a VP at the Rocky Mountain Institute and is a co-founder of both Fiberforge and Bright Automotive.

Brylawski set out on a mission to create a model where electric vehicles can be shared with those looking to earn money in an on-demand economy.  Since then, Evercar has seen a rapid growth of the driver community and utilization of their cars.

In the article Brylawski said that, as of 2015, there were still only about four plug-in vehicles out of every 1,000 government and commercial fleet vehicles – or 0.2% plug-ins. Then, as successful entrepreneurs often do, he noticed a parallel with the solar industry, which was still stagnant in the 2000s, even as the cost per watt started to drop. When companies like SolarCity, Sungevity and Sunrun started to redefine the solar business model, they took away the barriers to entry for installing solar panels, and essentially sold solar energy services at a lower cost per kilowatt to the customer, rather than selling the panels themselves.

In early 2014, Brylawski’s company pioneered his business model with the city of Indianapolis, when former Mayor Greg Ballard wanted to transition his fleet away from fossil fuels. “Since then we’ve grown that fleet to over 200 EVs,” Brylawski said, “the largest operator of plug-in vehicles of any municipal fleet, though there are a few cities that are aggressively going after that mark.”

Through its Evercar For Fleet offering, the company will continue to provide electric miles as a service for commercial and government fleet customers, including the City of Indianapolis, the City of Atlanta and to federal agencies via the General Services Administration (GSA) schedule.

Evercar for Fleet will continue to develop large new accounts in this space as opportunities emerge.

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