A unique service ESN offers is its strategic planning and research, through several different venues. ESN can provide facilitation and project management for brainstorming workshops, strategic planning and research efforts. These services are connected to the energy sector but with a broader economic, workforce and/or quality of life systems approach.

Innovation Workshops

ESN has the expertise and consultants on hand to organize “innovation workshops” for single companies, groups of companies, or governments. With ESN’s access to subject matter experts in a number of areas, we can coordinate a workshop event that can help develop existing technology concepts or vet out new ones from a range of ideas.

In 2011, ESN held an EV Racing Design Summit, bringing together experts from motorsports, electric vehicles and charging infrastructure, energy storage, business consultants, and others to lay the groundwork for an electric vehicle (EV) racing series. Over the course of three days, the group participated in a series of brainstorming and working sessions aimed at several key goals: creating specifications for an all-electric record-setting racecar, developing design plans for the technical infrastructure required to support fully electric race vehicles, and drafting preliminary business marketing plans for the EV racing series.

Past Workshops Include:

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Strategic Planning

ESN’s expertise in collaborative planning efforts through our projects is a skill that is transferrable to broader planning efforts, including economic development, workforce and education, and quality of life systems. In 2014, ESN led an effort to develop a strategic plan for the southwest central region of Indiana with a group of community and business leaders from the area. The plan addressed a number of strategies the region could take in order to bolster their economic welfare and attract businesses to the region. Since 2013, ESN has received $700,000 in grant funding for this type of work.


Technical and social science research are important to the energy sector as we seek to learn both about the innovative possibilities for energy technology as well as how the consumers will perceive and interact with them. ESN can provide both of these services, especially through our partnerships with federal laboratories and research universities.

Past clients include:



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