Hoosier Heavy Hybrid

We hear a lot about hybrid cars and their impact on fuel consumption and the environment. While progress is encouraging, trucks and other heavy-duty vehicles are the biggest users of fuel, and subsequently, the biggest emissions culprits. It’s estimated that one hybrid bus can save as much fuel as forty hybrid cars.

The Hoosier Heavy Hybrid Partnership recognizes this market need for ‘green’ heavy-duty vehicles as a prime opportunity to dramatically reduce fuel consumption and carbon emissions. This cooperative effort between Cummins, the Delphi Corporation, Allison Transmission, Remy International, and Duke Energy seeks to develop a fully integrated hybrid power train system that utilizes higher performance components and demonstrates next generation plug-in hybrid technology for light, medium, and heavy duty vehicles.

Hoosier Heavy Hybrid partners received a collective $320 million in federal funds from the recent round of advanced battery and vehicle electrification grants through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.


A cooperative partnership which developed fully integrated hybrid powertrain systems that use higher performance components and demonstrate the next generation plug-in hybrid technology for light, medium, and heavy-duty trucks. Over $200 million in grants were awarded for the project.


The efforts by ESN and its partners allowed this project to facilitate more than $400 million in combined investments in hybrid powertrain component development.


ESN hosted US-China Advanced Technology Vehicle Summit connecting heavy hybrid partners to leading Chinese OEMs and Indiana company, Cummins, established a hybrid partnership with one of the Chinese OEMs. Delphi and Remy executed a long-term contract with Allison Transmission to supply hybrid drive system components for next generation power train.

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