Project Plug-IN Benefits


Several benefits result from the implementation of this project, including positive outcomes for consumers, the “clean tech” field, the state of Indiana, and ESN’s partners:

  • The city of Indianapolis and surrounding communities have a “head start” in installing EV charging infrastructure and ESN’s corporate and public sector partners have the chance to be early adopters in incorporating these vehicles into their fleets.
  • The project will support Indiana’s economic development efforts both by utilizing partners with facilities and products made in the state, as well as attracting new business to the area as a result of this innovative pilot project.
  • Serves as an opportunity for ESN’s partners to test new business models related to Project Plug-IN.
  • Allows ESN’s utility partners (Duke Energy and Indianapolis Power & Light) a unique opportunity to analyze the power usage requirements and impact on the electric grid based on “real world” commuting conditions.
  • Provides business and technology development opportunities for ESN’s partners as they are well-positioned to anticipate and solve the technical and practical challenges that emerge with the use of these vehicles in the field. Doing so allows them to be better prepared for the second generation EV.